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Xcom 285 Appendix C free essay sample

Axia College Material Appendix C Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix Use the grid to finish the nation data. Compose 3-4 sentences for every thing. †¢ Access the Business Around the World data by getting to http://www. mhhe. com/business/buscom/bcommonline/†¢ Select three districts of the world to investigate by tapping the guide on the lower-left corner of the page. Select one nation from every locale you decided to investigate. Enter your last nation determinations into the grid. The Web webpage furnishes you with a solid beginning stage. You may likewise need to play out a general Internet search to discover extra data. †¢ Include APA-designed references on a different page. Diverse Communication | |Country |Preferred Communication Style |Nonverbal Communication Practices |Business Communication Norms |Strategies to Increase Cross-Cultural | |Communication | |Brazil |Preferred correspondence would be |Personal space and standard to give a gift|Stay formal and utilize a more slow pace in |Using an interpreter will guarantee | |face-to-confront relationship. We will compose a custom exposition test on Xcom 285 Appendix C or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Body |is a decent nonverbal practice. |negotiation contrasted with the US. Time |communications. Expect a postponement in view of | |language is significant. Talk gradually | |zone is a trouble. Business can |the distinctive time regions and be prepared to | |without slang. | |discussed during supper. |compensate for them. Examination what their | |holidays and what customs they follow. |Russia |Preferred correspondence would be |They spare the grins for genuine companions and |Very little business connections | |face-to-confront relationship. Body |family. They seem to be contentious |they keep everything business. Can take | |language is significant. Talk gradually |and distant. |weeks to get answer to an email or| | |with out slang. | |a call. | |Greece |Preferred correspondence would be |Handshakes are for people. Endowments are|Their business patterns are like | |face-to-confront relationship. Body |not important. |US. Going to the gatherings punctually,| | |language is signific ant. Talk gradually | |is suggested. | |without slang. |

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Analaysis of I think therefore I Err Epistemology cognition Essay

Analaysis of I think accordingly I Err Epistemology perception - Essay Example Then again, the last is what is esteemed as important and helpful to the advancement of a given shrewd framework. These great blunders serve a practical job in the advancement of information and, thusly, insight. It is in such manner that Gigerenzer makes â€Å"the investigation of human blunders in exploratory psychology† as his essential worry in deriving the laws of insight (1). In his investigation, Gigerenzer protects a natural versus that of a consistent examination of psychological mistakes. In doing as such, he guarantees that a legitimate investigation ought not be based substance daze coherent standards. After tending to the previously mentioned issue, I will manage Gigerenzer’s investigation of the job of rationale concerning the operations of the human psyche and insight. In particular, I will concentrate on his case on rationale as â€Å"a content-daze standard for good reasoning† (7). In this, I will contend that his investigation of the job of rati onale as a simply syntactic and content-daze hypothesis is mixed up. Like Daniel Kahneman and Amon Tversky, I concur that not all decisions can be dissected by utilizing observational techniques, for example, testing and recurrence gauges, for such are â€Å"unlikely to light up the procedures that underlie such judgments† (589). Or maybe, I will contend that Gigerenzer ignores a significant part of rationale, that is, the intensional part of rationale. Thusly, I will concentrate on his explanation of encircling and invariance. In this paper, I plan to advocate the estimation of rationale from an intensional perspective. In doing as such, I will show that Gigerenzer neglects to demonstrate that the investigation of subjective mistakes in the light of sensible types of examinations neglect to unwind the laws of brain. Rundown In a segment entitled, â€Å"Logic and Blunders,† Gigerenzer contends against the situation of utilizing consistent speculations as an establishme nt for examining and contrasting the nearness of mistakes in judgment, and along these lines, neglects to characterize what truly â€Å"errors of judgment† are, just as to â€Å"open a window into the human mind† (4). At the end of the day, rationale doesn't assist us with comprehension and addition knowledge by bringing up our mistakes in judgment, rather; it obscures our comprehension of what these â€Å"errors† truly are, and in this way, neglects to open the opportunities for progress and development of the human psyche as a clever framework. Given this viewpoint, Gigerenzer gives a model in rationale to help his point, in particular, surrounding. â€Å"Framing is characterized as the outflow of legitimately proportional data in various ways† (Gigerenzer 7). Essentially, as indicated by the rule of invariance, â€Å"different portrayals of a similar decision issue should yield a similar inclination. That is, the inclination between choices ought to b e autonomous of their description† (Gigerenzer 8). Subsequently, in the event that various portrayals of a similar decision issue yield various inclinations, at that point it disregards balanced decision. Such infringement are considered as mistakes in judgment that ought not occur to any balanced individual. Gigerenzer gives the case of two different ways of saying the accompanying: â€Å"The glass is half full, and the glass is half empty† (8). Given the standard of invariance, these two plans ought not influence the decision of the individual in picking which glass to hand over. In any case, it was indicated that when requested to hand over the â€Å"half full glass, most members picked the already unfilled one† (Gigerenzer 8). The creator at that point guarantees that such a model demonstrates to show that two

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Finals Study Break Catch Up With Old Friends

Finals Study Break Catch Up With Old Friends Its the beginning of Finals Week and every Illini is probably busy hitting the books at any of U of Is great libraries. Ha, thats not me when I study though. Im not too worried when I study since its easy to concentrate in many of the libraries, especially the Undergraduate Library, fantastically located next to the Main Quad. Theres a Quiet Floor which enables me to have 100% concentration when I study. However, when Im not hitting the books and studying for my upcoming Advertising and Sociology final, I figured it was time for a study break. The great thing about Finals time here on campus is that there are tons of unstructured free- time for a nice study break. I decided to use my study break to the fullest and catch up with some old friends I actually met at Weston, a University Housing Dorm located in the Ikenberry Commons (which I totally recommend living there by the way!). Its a Learning Living Community, specifically for DGS students to explore majors! Anyways, I decided to reach out to my old friends from Weston Hall, Melanie and Julie. I was hungry for lunch and so were they. We decided to take advantage of what Green Street had to offer. Were very fortunate for Green Street as it has a ton of nice restaurants with delicious food. We decided Panera was a great place to catch up on how our years were and plans for the Summer. The campus may have 40,000 students, but its easy to make and maintain friends. Ive been friends with these girls for over a year and times like these make me thankful I lived in Weston and ultimately the U of I. Now its time for me to go back to studying! Daniel Class of 2018 I’m an Advertising major in the College of Media. I’m from a northwest suburb of Chicago called Buffalo Grove. I chose Illinois because it was the first university in the entire world to offer an Advertising major, which is pretty cool!

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Development Of Aging Or Mid Life Crisis - 863 Words

There will come a time when one has to come to terms of aging or mid-life crisis. According to Weaver (2009) the major psychological changes occur in childhood. The author also noted that Freud also mentioned that all stages of the psychosexual development are also completed in early childhood (pp.69). Freud and Freud also had differences when it referred to coming of age (Weaver, 2009). Jung saw mid-life not as a crisis, but put the emphasis on growth and maturation (pp.70). Most of the clients that Freudians seen were experiencing neurosis, this put a different perspective on their adjustment to life, while Jung’s patients were socially adaptable (Weaver, 2009). Jung did not see mid- life crisis of balancing the self, social world with a deepening meaning. Jung thought that people of mid-life, were developed, one side, of their life, and now lacks meaning (Weaver, 2009). Now the existentialist view was in contrast with the psychodynamic view and believed that people in this stage of life gravitating towards meanings and values (Frankl, 1967). This was evident of a study done in the 1960 at a Vienna Hospital; it showed that 55% existential frustration and half expressed life are meaningless (Frankl, 1967). Carl Rodgers had some similarities with Frankl’s perspective on mid-life crisis (pp.73). Rodgers looked at it from a humanistic approach, while asking existential question such as; What is my purpose? (pp. 73). Rodgers noted that the process of the coming of self isShow MoreRelatedMidlife Crisis1180 Words   |  5 Pageswe see the world mature. It is a commonly held view that the mid-life crisis is caused by the realization that ones life is half over. It is typically an emotional state of doubt and anxiety. Typically lasting between 3 and 10 years, it occurs between the ages of 35 and 50. This paper will offer an alternate view of the â€Å"crisis†, suggesting it is a time for growth and new possibilities instead of crisis and loss . Midlife Crisis: You’re Only Jung Once It is generally accepted that the majorRead MoreThe Middle Age Endurance1317 Words   |  6 PagesJuly 2015 Humanity s ‘Middle-Age’ Endurance ‘Middle-age’ is the term used to describe the time in an adult’s life between the ages of 45 and 65. More importantly, middle-age is an adult developmental stage. It is a time in which the adult body, and mind go through a series of changes physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. During their middle-age years, adults will exhibit signs of aging such as hair loss, gray hair, and skin losing its elasticity. Middle-age is also characterized by weight gainRead More Middle Adulthood Essay853 Words   |  4 Pagesstage of life, middle adulthood. You look in the mirror and all the signs of middle age are starting to set in. You notice wrinkles, gray hair, flabby skin and you’re having trouble reading the menu. You begin to reassess you life. Are you happy with what you have accomplished in life so far? Do you have good family relationships? Is your career on track? Are you happy with yourself? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;There are many conflicts with both men and women during this period of life. One conflictRead MoreThe Favorite Daughter Of The Kennedy1327 Words   |  6 PagesMaturing, developing relationships, and human development are simply a fact of life and affect everybody to a different degree. The topic of human development is broad due to the wide range of lifestyles and cultures. The favorite daughter of the Kennedy lineage, Kathleen â€Å"Kick† Kennedy experienced a rather unique upbringing considering both the era that she was born into as well as the elite social and affluent economic status that she was brought up in. Having lived during World War II, Kick hadRead MoreEssay about Male Menopause: Fact or Fiction?1336 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch does not show it affecting all men. In a womans case, she is biologically predestined to endure menopause. Her chance of escaping the most feared female phase of life is as unlikely as men ever attending Bryn Mawr undergrad. For men, there is a percentage that applies to male menopause, for females it is simply a fact of life. Lastly, the term menopause has been attributed to women for a reason. The prefix meno comes from the latin root menses which means menstruation, while the suffixRead MoreAging : More Than Their Stereotypes Essay1589 Words   |  7 PagesAging: More Than Their Stereotypes As people continue to live life and grow older, it is inevitable that they will age. Aging has many effects on an individual’s physical health, emotional well-being, and cognition. Key developmental changes occur in vision and hearing; both begin declining as people age (Weiten, 2014). The deterioration of these senses can be seen in Young@Heart during the scene where a few members are joking around in a car. The driver was Lenny, an ex-World War II pilot, becauseRead MoreThe Mid-life Crisis Essay examples2258 Words   |  10 PagesMid-life Crisis 1 Mid-life transition can be seen as a difficult process because it is the point of our lives where we start to accept the end of our youth and begin the process of aging. For those who do not have a smooth emotional transition can suffer from a mid-life crisis. What is mid-life crisis? Someone who would be going through a â€Å"Mid-life crisis† is that of the age between 40 and 60(Development in midlife, 2004). It is the point during our lives where we go through periods ofRead MoreVision, Skin, and Diabetes Are Middle-Aged Concerns Essay1382 Words   |  6 PagesMiddle Age Adult Health Education When people first become aware of the gradual changes in their bodies that marks the aging process is usually in the middle-aged group. Many changes occur in this stage including physical and psychosocial concerns. It can be difficult at times for an individual to go through these changes. Nurses need to educate patients about these changes and the risks if not addressed. Being aware of the signs and symptoms and the resources that are available can help theRead MoreMidlife Crisis in the Article, Middle Adulthood Developmental Psychology1937 Words   |  8 PagesMiddle-aged adults experience change in many different areas of their life at this time, they will find that not only their health is changing, but their appearance, their family, their thinking, and their emotions are changes as well. When discussing people that fall into the middle adulthood age of life, the term â€Å"midlife crisis† is often used, but according to an article titled Middle Adulthood Developme ntal Psychology, â€Å"most people during middle adulthood are satisfied and pleased with theirRead MoreMiddle Adulthood as a Twentieth Century Phenomenon in Western Culture1727 Words   |  7 Pagesin Western culture. In 1900, the average life expectancy was 47 years, but now life expectancy has increased- people are living longer and more professionals are studying life during this age period. Between the ages of 35-64, there are vast changes in many areas of their lives. Stress is anything that causes a change in your body. The most obvious changes related to lifestyle in middle-adulthood include: physical development and health, marital status, family, career and

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The Debate Over Essay Topics for Interview Pdf

The Debate Over Essay Topics for Interview Pdf There are scores and scores of various channels on the internet that dwell upon particular topics that might be linked to the creation of your essay. As you finalize your topic choice, be certain to settle on a process you've completed many occasions and you may explain to somebody else. There are a lot of approaches to find the info necessary for your essay. An individual should shell out a decent period of time as a way to figure out the intriguing elements about the subject. The essay provides you with an opportunity to reveal how effectively you're able to read and comprehend a passage and compose an essay analyzing the passage. Ethics essays highlight the deep comprehension of the writer. The ethical essay would likewise examine philosophical suggestions and see whether they have contemporary relevance. If you haven't been supplied a prompt to write about, you have to produce your own interesting creative essays. Narrative essay topics Narrative essay is somewhat different from different types. It's far better to look into the subject of your essay yourself. The illustration essay topic must be interesting. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Essay Topics for Interview Pdf Options The matter has to be directly addressed in the start to find the reader's interest. When you're picking your topic, bear in mind that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a great deal about it. There is no purpose in writing an essay about skateboarding, which might be of interest to you but not necessarily the audience, if it doesn't meet the requirements and offer an engagement from the audience. The point here is to understand what you're going to write before writing it. Thinking up interesting speech topics is similar to attempting to learn something new. For instance, an individual may not perceive a situation as stressful whereas the exact same situation could be perceived as highly stressful by another individual. It's possible to experience such conditions. If you're in such a circumstance, we are here in order to assist you with the appropriate tips. Essay Topics for Interview Pdf Features Stress is connected to disorders like cancer and heart disorders. It has a number of immediate effects. It is not always harmful. It is a very common problem being faced today. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. Illustration essays are written in order to spell out study subjects and offer interesting and picturesque descriptions. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points which you can counter to your own points. There are a lot of topics readily available today which form a fantastic foundation for the upcoming informative essay. Essay writing is usually practiced is schools. When the ethics essay is written by men and women that are knowledgeable and have good writing skills it's a near guarantee your grade will be helpful. Don't be afraid to get some excess aid to produce your paper stick out! An ethics paper needs a lot of time for preparation. How to Get Started with Essay Topics for Interview Pdf? So you don't actually need to locate a topic! Try out another topic and do the very same 5-minute writing test till you locate a topic you know you can readily write on. Now, to select the best topic, you must ask yourself how much it is possible to write about this issue. One more thing about your topics is they have to be stated clearly if they ought to be among the very best. After all, the GRE Issue isn't a test of knowledge as much since it's a test of how you're able to use knowledge however restricted to back your position. You merely must be in a position to be comfortable with a couple exa mples, and be certain you can effectively relate them to your analysis. To begin with, it's required to clarify what an illustration essay is. The introduction is also a rather important portion of your paper that you have to never neglect to write perfectly. Researching the topic permits you to find out more about what fascinates you, and should you pick something you truly like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable. The subject of your illustration essay must be concrete instead of abstract objects. The manner in which you formulate your argument heavily is based on the essay type. If you're stuck on how best to compose an example essay, you can adhere to a few basic actions to dig yourself out of the rut and compose an example essay that you are able to be pleased with. Inspiration to make your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn't tough to discover. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you have to be in a position to hit the question and supply a straightforward answer while at the very same time observing the most suitable structure of an essay. Television is developing a new variant of culture The senior classes ought to be profiled Education for boys and girls ought to be separate Many men and women think the ideal way to travel is by car Activity is the sole approach to knowledge The significance of education is underestimated now. All parents ought to be asked to volunteer time to their sons' and daughters' scho ols. Some people today think that universities should require every student to have a wide range of courses away from the student's field of study. Occasionally it only appears simple, but lots of students forget about the kind of academic writing they need to stick with.

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To Be of Use Free Essays

According to Confucius, â€Å"You should treat others the way you want to be treated. † Resembling Confucius’ golden rule, Harold Kushner’s â€Å"Shalom: The Quest for Integrity† talks about a man who did something good, when people didn’t think he would. While Marge Piercy isn’t writing about treating others a certain way, she is instead writing about being of good use. We will write a custom essay sample on To Be of Use or any similar topic only for you Order Now Harold Kushner’s text parallels Marge Piercy’s poem in the topic of being of good use. Due to the length of the poem, she talks about people being of use. Harold Kushner’s text talks about people who were useful. On Monday night December 11, 1995, the fire at the textile mill changed a city. Many people of Lawrence, Massachusetts, were worried about the economic impact from losing the textile mill due to the fire. However, the owner Aaron Feuerstein surprised everyone. People expected he would take advantage of the fire to move to a more profitable location. Feuerstein announced that not only was he going to rebuild the factory, but also workers would receive three months of payroll, even though there was no work. â€Å"Feuerstein is a special person, a man of integrity†, are there few people with integrity? Maybe is the reason Blanchard co-author the book called The Power of Ethical Management, â€Å"there’s no right way to do a wrong thing,† using the book as a plea to the business world. Directed to the people who do things to benefit themselves, but hurt others. Confucius states: treat others the way you want to be treated; ask yourself if you do harm to others, would you like it if someone did harm to you in the same way? No because many of us wouldn’t; many don’t think about the consequences, or if it happened to themselves, before they do something. People commit wrong doing, to benefit themselves. When I hear politicians and preachers condemning the sinful ways of society around them, I often agree with their criticisms, but I don’t hear the pain in their voices. † As stated in the text by Kushner, many people lead with falsehood, tricking others to believing that they are useful people of integrity, when in the end they really are not. Marge Piercy’s poem gives her opinion of people who are useful. In the first verse, she has a high regard for people who throw enthusiasm into the work they do. She compares the people who throw enthusiasm into their work, to water buffalo. That people who enjoy their work, with patience, will in the end receive good rewards. Rewards of satisfaction, the results of their hard work, are what they receive in return for tireless hard work. To Piercy, work is as common as mud; work like mud smears the hand. â€Å"But the thing worth doing well done, has a shape that satisfies, clean and evident,† says Piercy in her poem. Piercy’s poem is more of a collection of opinions, the things that make a person useful. What she thinks useful people are like. Piercy has high regard for people who give care into their work. In past experience, and previous knowledge, people who work hard are reward, they move up in life. However people who don’t have integrity, who do harm eventually fail from life. Many people, who are successful, love their work; they enjoy what they are doing with enthusiasm. Treating other with respect should gain you respect. Kushner discusses more about people who had integrity, who gave back, when no one expected them to. People who made themselves useful People who try to encourage people to be ethically positive. To change their tactics to help people not harm people. The benefits, and why people did the things they did. Then also the people who are false or true prophets. The people who speak true, but don’t adhere to what they preach. Piercy, on the other had in contrast, expresses her opinion, on the factor of people being of use, having high regard for people who love working, being useful and enjoy their work. That their hard work would reward them. Piercy’s poem contrast’s Kushner’s text, in terms of the directions they go. Kushner is indirectly talking about being of use but on the topic of people with integrity, and ethical standards. Piercy directly relates to the topic of to be use. The opinion of what she thinks people who are useful. How to cite To Be of Use, Papers

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Views on Nike Brand

Table of Contents Introduction The Nike Corporation Brand Equity Brand Positioning Brand Identity Conclusion Reference List Introduction According to Wood (2000) the word â€Å"brand† refers to a sign, name, term, symbol or design or even a combination of them all with the intent of giving identity to the goods and/ or services of a single seller (or a group of sellers) and to give them uniqueness from their competitors. In reference to consumer- manufacture relations, a brand makes the source of promises given to the consumer by the manufacturer (Ahmad, Simmons and Clifton, 2009).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Views on Nike Brand specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nevertheless, the same brand initiates the relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer in the first place. In addition, brand makes the perfect tool of name and symbols that are the unprecedented source of a company’s produ cts and/ or services. Furthermore, for a company to be successful and have a future, its initiator must be keeping a single concept within his mind; brand. Ultimately, brand can be best described as the sum total of a single customer’s experience with an organization. The Nike Corporation Guerrero (2008) describes the Nikes Corporation as the top- most suppliers of apparel and shoes. Such levels of success were attained by giving the corporation the most solid foundation; an appropriate brand. It is no doubt that the origin of the brand name â€Å"Nike† (from the Greek goddess of victory) has been a definition of Nike’s ambition to be a big success and take the sporting industry by a storm. There is always a brutal fact as far as branding is concerned; the business notion that exists in the mind of the initiator will either happen or stay in the mind, depending on the branding. Nike is a corporation that has absolutely used its branding to bring the business not ion in to reality. According to eHow (2010), Nike’s products include apparel, which are usually for sports and other activities like yoga and dance. Additionally, casual clothes for both men and women are also produced largely. Nevertheless, many people wear Nike’s clothes for purposes of association with the big brand name. Other products are equipments where mostly sports equipment such as balls, bats, and golf clubs are sold. Additionally, a number of accessories are also known to be from Nike’s products, for example watches, socks, bags and the like. Lastly, a number of stores are also known to be under Nike. There are many departments and online stores that are basically set up for purposes of selling Nike’s products. Niketown for example is the biggest store with many braches around the world. Additionally, there are many factory outlets that usually sell Nike’s products at a reduced price. Brand Equity Nike has over time gained the trust and loyalty of all its customers. This is essentially because the popularity and fame of high standard products and service delivery have added more strength to the Nike brand. Furthermore, Nike decided to peruse the production of apparel for an arena that is always kinetic and at the same time very dynamic; sports.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many sportsmen who would go for a Nike product would do it just for the purpose of getting sports attire or simply because their clubs bought the Nike sports products. Nevertheless, as a sportsman does well in the sports field, many fans are usually seen to want to associate themselves with the sportsman even in clothing. In this case, Nike goes ahead to gain the fame and popularity for the non- athletic crowd as well. Wood (2000) explains that a brand can be defined from either the perspective of the consumer or that of the manufactu rer. The Nike brand has seen a development in its image by thinking in the lines of the consumers and with a wide variety of products at hand. The consumer’s perceptions of Nike’s brands have totally been developed by Nike Corporation itself. Nike has made available a number of products to the customers so that the image that customers have on them develops positively over time. Additionally, by having their products diversified and internationally available their brand image has gained the better chance of being known and liked more than their competitors. Ultimately, brand associations are available in many different products for a consumer to choose from. This has been a major smart move by Nike. Nike has made steps to even produce accessories that are not necessarily sports oriented, such as watches and the like. In this case, even outside the attires of sporting, fans can still associate with their sports stars. As a result, Nike’s brand equity is developed to a high level, spread across a wide variety of customers, ranging from male to female, adults to children while at the same time keeping on customer loyalty. Such varied accessories give a variety of products for any customer to choose from whenever he would want to associate himself with the brand. Brand Positioning Nike brand has basically positioned itself within the international realm in a stronger and better way as compared to many of the competitors. The customer’s loyalty with Nike seems to have been worked on by the company so that even in the availability of other brands, more of Nike would be asked for. The smartest idea was the creation of a unique brand essence; â€Å"authentic athletic performance† so that any customer who would want to be associated with any good standards of athletics would be seen to be going for Nike. Additionally, the slogans â€Å"just do it† and â€Å"I can† have been recently translated from the previous slogan, t herefore identifying with more customers who would not easily engage in athletics; the brand essence is applicable to every customer.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Views on Nike Brand specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Besides, the Nike slogans give a very strong assurance to the customers, promising them of the best sporting apparel and the best accessories that can ever be. In this case, Nike’s brand promise has gained unprecedented followers, giving it a better position in the markets as compared to all its competitors. More so, Nike’s brand personality is definitely sporty and fashioned. All this descriptions can even be felt in their slogans. This brand personally is very much the way to go for today’s customer and therefore Nike has been a relevant brand to the current market. Brand Identity Nike’s brand identity can be looked at as simple but at the same time the most successfu l of all times. Nike’s brand identity can most appropriately be looked at from the brand logo. Nikes logo is represented by a simple tick. The tick gains approval from almost every customer. This is because, in the minds of the consumer, the tick represents the very best option, the answer to the most difficult challenge and the required go- ahead for anything. Therefore, Nike has gained major fame with all its customers due to giving itself a better image and definition as compared to all its competitors. Conclusion According to Marketing Teacher (2010) Nike has no factories but at the same time it is a global corporation. I definitely think, that a brand that has grown to the levels of international recognition and deal with such apparel and accessories should beyond any doubt consider venturing into setting up factories. This is due to the reason that factories ensure the delivery of products as specified by the company according to their most interactive observation of wh at the customers need. This will even ensure a better brand is made out of Nike. Reference List Ahmad, S., Simmons, J., Clifton., R. 2000. Brands and Branding. New York, Bloomag press.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More eHow. October, 2010. Nike product Information Web. Guerrero, K. 2008. Nike Case Study Web. Marketing Teacher. October, 2010. SWOT analysis Nike, Inc Web. Wood, L. 2009, September. Brands and equity: definition and management. UK: MCB University press. This essay on Views on Nike Brand was written and submitted by user Malaki J. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.